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Loser has to blow the winner.


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Male bonding.

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It was the best arrangement anyone could possibly hoped for.
My house was along the way from school to coach’s home. So after each practice, he would drive me home. I had no complaints, especially when we often stop at this remote location next to the forest preserve and coach would give me the best blow job I’ve ever had in my young life.
It was freaking amazing. Here was this built, adult male that I’ve fantasized for a long time, and he was swallowing all 7 inches of my hard dick down his throat. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve dumped my load into his mouth and throat since we started this arrangement a year ago.
We have talked about taking this a step further. Coach lived with his girlfriend, who I think he was going to marry in a couple of years, and I certainly didn’t have any privacy at home with my parents and 2 siblings. So we’ve talked about renting a motel room one of these days. I couldn’t wait to see what else coach was up for. I have been fantasizing about his hard, hairy ass that I had glimpsed at in the locker room. Wonder how tight it will feel around my hard, teen dick?

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